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<!-- /*--><!--/*--> Oluthando...: Women who do what they love - Interview with my designer, SOBER (Tshepo Mafokwane)

Women who do what they love - Interview with my designer, SOBER (Tshepo Mafokwane)

She always walks down the ramp with her daughter, I absolutely adore that

1. Say something about your background?

Normal, slightly better than average....my mother worked very hard raising me and
my sister alone. My family is a great supportive structure

2. I have to ask about your company name – SOBER… How did you come up with

The word "Sober" was the best way I could describe my state of mind when
creating this brand. When I freed myself to fulfill my life's purpose as a designer, I
felt so "sober".

If I could own every item of hers, I honestly would
3. How comfortable are you working hands on with models and other designers?

I work hands-on with models a lot, and it helps that most of them take a liking to me. Castings, fittings, backstage, photo-shoots...it's always very hands-on. I can confidently say that I get along with all designers, but sadly rarely have the opportunity to work together with them. I am working on something though.

4. Define fashion?

Fashion: A great part of good grooming, it's about saying something about yourself without saying a word, it a medium of expression, a state of mind.

This is my favourite jumpsuit ever. HOT

5. How would you deal with an arrogant client?

Exceed their expectations.

6. How does it feel doing something you completely love? Do you have enough support surrounding you?

Absolutely, without my family I don't believe that I would have made it this far in
my career journey.

Yes I own both of these, don't tell my husband

7. I’m privileged to know you personally and believe that you are one hard working
single parent. How the heck do you balance it all, especially that period towards
show times…

Showcasing is rough on me, I won't lie. But my support structure kicks in really good. They know  when and how to help me balance, when fatigue sets in at those times. I've always had incredible support from them, all we talk about when I'm over for lunch is the business of "Sober". They are my balance.

8. Besides for the hot bae (Mbuyiseni Ndlozi), who else would you go on a hot
steamy date with?

Sdumo Mtshali...I like him!

Even the winter collection screams 'But me'

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