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Banting journey begins - Week 1

With Spring around the corner, we are all feeling the pressure to have that bikini body. I know I am.
So a week ago, I started my banting journey. Yes, the famous Tim Noakes, LCHF, I know you know what I'm talking about.

There's only a couple of things harder than changing your diet: Loss of a loved one, divorce. I am not even going to sugar coat it, It is daammn hard. And this is just week 1. You realize though - like any other diet - you need discipline. Just how badly do you want this? How important is it to you. For me, I'd give it an 8/10. I love the concept of wearing my bikini without feeling self-conscious. And I'm also not the 'wear your shorts' at the beach type of girl. A well toned body is what I aspire to have. And I know I can do it.

My Week 1 Symptoms

1) Frequent urination and dry mouth - Your body is burning up the extra glycogen (stored glucose) in your liver and muscles. Breaking down glycogen releases a lot of water. As your carb intake and glycogen stores drop, your kidneys will start dumping the excess water.
In addition, as your circulating insulin levels drop, your kidneys start excreting excess sodium, which will also cause more frequent urination. Try and have your water earlier in the day so that you can manage this nasty side effect, and if you get despondent, just imagine that you will be weighing a lot less by the end of the week!

2) Tiredness and dizziness - As you start dumping water, you'll lose minerals such as salt, potassium and magnesium as well. Having lower levels of these minerals will make you very, very tired, lightheaded or dizzy, give you muscle cramps, and headaches. This is one of the most common of the low carb diet side effects. Sometimes a small block of cheese (I found) alleviates this symptom, but in some people they need to start taking a mineral supplement, especially magnesium. Start on a lower dose and increase it over a week or two.

3) Headaches - While your body is adapting to ketosis, headaches can manifest for various reasons. You may also feel a little lightheaded, and may experience some flu-like symptoms for a few days. Usually increasing your salt intake solves this problem, otherwise keep some aspirin handy for those moments when you just cannot deal with it.

4) Low blood sugar - is a common symptom especially if you were drinking lots of sugar in your coffee, drinking lots of fizzy drinks or just having lots of easily accessible sugars.... Once again, I personally found a small block of cheese did the trick for me, but you are going to have to experiment with what works for you, perhaps a few strawberries or something with accessible carbs but won't end your hard earned progress

My visualization board/inspiration

Lets keep fingers crossed that I don't end up on a carbo binge as I absolutely love bread.
Until next week.... Happy weightloss journey

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