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Pulling yourself towards yourself

I get periods in my life when everything around me is so consuming, and only because I let it. This mostly happens when I've been working so hard and trying to prove to myself and society that I'm a super mom, engineer, wife, sister, friend.... During these times I'm at a high, and everything seems achievable. Between work meetings and commissioning, there's birthday parties which I agree to, gigs to support my husband and meet-ups with my girls. I just go on and on committing to everything with the belief that 'I'M SUPERWOMAN'.

Alas, everything that goes up, must come down. I don't just ease into exhaustion, I jump into it. I fall so hard like a little baby trying to walk for the first time. Most times I worry that I'm getting into depression. Bless my husband who will quickly remind me that it's just the superwoman syndrome. 'Sleep, eat, exercise', he will say, 'that's all you need'. Honestly being an engineer doesn't help much because stressful environments are what I'm exposed to on daily basis, it's my life.

How I slow down

1. Run, run, run... I get on the treadmill and run until I break down. Exercise is an amazing mood lifter. Now getting up and starting the run, that's the problem.

2. I stalk the kids. They can be such a saving grace at times. Just staring at the Minions for the hundredth time really relaxes me. How they laugh and smile at small things, even if they've seen it over and over. This is what centers me.

3. I talk myself into positivity. Fake it until you make it. My mantra is 'I'm ok, I'm blessed, I'm happy', even if I don't feel like it. I say it out loud.

4. And then, I talk to God. I scream and shout, and praise him. In the car, in the loo, at the mall, I talk to him like he is physically besides me. So if you see me talking to myself, don't think I've lost it. I'm just acknowledging his presence and reminding him of all he promised me. 'I'm the head and not the tail'. The more I pray, the calmer I become, and I remember how he is in control. I forget all material things.

What do you do to get back into balance? How do you cope with stress?