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Lets take it back to the Beach

I  just woke up feeling so bleh, exhausted and emotionally won out. Joburg does that to you sometimes. We live like robots. There's schedules, meetings, traffic, noise, air pollution .... It's impossible not to drown in such unsoundness. Husband was going down to Durban for work and the kids and I decided to be spontaneous and hop along. Once in a while, one needs to be impulsive. To my kids, I was the coolest mom ever.

Quoting my favourite song at the moment by Shekhinah & Kyle - Back to the Beach.

"Said the city don't feel
Good no more
There's too much 'push and go'
Always in the fast-lane

Said the city don't feel
Good no more
I need it nice and slow
Rollin' with my pay
Rollin' it that way"

How do you take care of yourself when you feel you are about to go over the edge? When the city life is just incredibly overwhelming....