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DIY Family Art Mementos - PRICELESS

I love DIY projects for a lot of reasons, 1 being for the cost savings that come with it. The best reason of all though has to be the bonding session with my little nuggets. It really doesn't take much to create beautiful irreplaceable memories with your kids.

What you need for this project:

1. White Paper (Any colour would do, I just find that white accentuates the beauty of other colours)
2. Finger Paints - Different colours. One representing each member of the family.
3. Paint Brushes
4. Picture frames to fit your paper size. We used A4 size.

One of our art work. We call it - Daddy, Mommy, girl and boy.

Make sure that your hands are clean before you start with your masterpiece.
Use a paintbrush to paint each others' hands, it limits the mess.

When you have decided on how to display your handprints, help each other on pressing the hand down to make sure it comes out perfect. Leave a 15secs and let go as quickly as possible to prevent smudges.
Don't forget that this is meant to be fun. So even if your little ones make mistakes, just go with it. Imperfections make your art piece unique.
When you are done with painting, make sure your art piece is dry. Finger paint doesn't take that long to dry so just put it outside for an hour or so. Frame it and display with pride.

High five. You did really well.

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