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Date Night - First comes love, then comes marriage...

There's absolutely no scientific proof that "Date Night" has any effect, be it positive or negative, on your marriage. That being said though, I have this unshakeable believe that it has an amazing effect on ours.

We have 2 kids, one a pre-teen and another a toddler. When we get home its 24/7 on them. We talk about anything from the peer pressure issues to the consistency of poo (trust, this is very normal once you have kids). Between the two of us, we are lucky if we exchange a couple of words. By bedtime we are so exhausted that nobody really wants to talk. Marriage can suck out the juices in your marriage because there's responsibilities, expectations and routines to be followed. So routine that you schedule in sex.

There's nothing wrong with being comfortable with each other. My problem is that I don't want to wake up 10yrs later and feel that I'm missing out on something. I don't want to create that room of craving excitement. If you lose that in your marriage, you will look for it elsewhere. So why not create it. That's what marriage is about. Making time for each other, just the two of you. No petty conversations about groceries and pets. No kids issues. A reminder why this person is the "chosen one"... your "NEO".

I have this alter ego called Desire, who comes out on the really crazy nights. These are the nights when we are out of town on our own, or when the kids are away. A time for real connections. Affirmations of our love. And then I created this once a week date night. We are not forced to have a specific day, or even spend a lot of money, all that's required is some alone time. Activities vary depending on the mood. We explore new restaurants, new clubs, malls, ice cream parlours, whatever. Most times I randomly buy groupons and use them for that, so there's really no excuses. One time we just a had a picnic on our balcony. And at times birthday party celebration is considered a night out. 

This is why I'm always excited about my husband. Not because he makes me laugh all the time or buys gifts everyday. It's because we make time to fall all over again.

Do you have Date Night?