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UV Protection Sunglasses for our little ones

On the last SA mom blogger meet I was introduced to the OV-OPTICS sunglasses for kids. I took a pair home, and the kids just fell in love with them. I actually had to get another pair for the diva sister. I'm an accessory junkie yes, I think every mom is. But I'm also very cautious about getting the right protection for my kids. Some might say I'm addicted to brands, I like to think of it as choosing quality over trends.

OV-OPTICS create greater awareness of the effects of UV sun damage on the eyes of children by informing parents, teachers and children on the imminent dangers. They believe that wearing sunglasses when outside is a necessity for all and it is our duty as society to enforce this at schools and as part of our culture.

"We provide necessary health and safety information that you may not be aware of as part of The “Sunglasses at School” Program, a FIRST in South Africa. This, in turn, creates the need for a product that can be trusted by parents to offer the desired protection their children need. We source only the best quality in international, children specific frame designs. O-V Optics Pty Ltd distributes your child’s ordered sunglasses to member schools directly and a trained professional will fit each pair to your child’s unique features to ensure optimum comfort and protection.

What stood out the most for me the most is that over a month and my son hasn't broken the glasses. And not because he hasn't tried, its only because he just can't. They are extremely flexible (impact resistant frame and lenses) and come in two different styles - Sporty and Swag. 100% UVA/AVB protective.
Most impressive is their affordability. Head on over to the website for more details.