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And now, you are officially a TWEEN

It's a day before your birthday, and I'm sobbing in bed.  10yrs old already? These are tears of happiness, love, gratitude, joy and pride.

I am, and always will be grateful for your existence in my life. People often take that for granted. I never do. For God to have trusted me with such a huge task - moulding you - is incredible.

My 10 cents worth:


2. Nothing you tell us would ever shock us, we were tweens once. Drugs, Alcohol, Boys... so please try us. We might just surprise you with our advice.

3. Prayer still remains powerful, don't you ever forget that.

4. Don't let a boy break your heart. You are only 10 love, there's still a lot of ugly frogs you'll have to kiss before finding your prince.

5. I know you are a perfectionist like your mom. PLEASE STOP. Enjoy life. Things don't always have to be perfect. I promise that I will love you even if you get a D for maths.

6. Your favourite TV show at the moment is "16 and pregnant"... I hope the reverse psychology works on you.

7. All those girls telling you that you are too skinny, have self-esteem issues. You is kind, You is smart, You is important. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

8. We see how you always protect your brother, keep it up. Make him your best friend because someday he'll be all you have.

9. You just attended your first concert "One Direction". Daddy and I hope you loved it, but most importantly you should know that you don't need anyone to take you out... You got us.

10. Grade 4 is hard and mommy knows that. But I also know that you will pass and move on. I believe in you.

Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday my nunus. My wish for you is to be fearless and to love life.