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DIY - Converting an old door

Ice cream, chocolate, old photos, shoes and doors... These are things I really really love. I might even be a bit on the obsession side. So for my wedding I decided to incorporate a door.

I found this old door at my grandmother's house and was so excited when my mom said I could have it. One condition was to keep it the original colour (she knows of my current discovery of chalkboard paint).

1st I cleaned the door with a wet cloth.

Painted it with some wood furnish to give it a fresh look.

I live for MR Price Home , the priced to go section is my safe haven, I look at that section and see endless possibilities. Got an awesome vinyl wall sticker for half the price. and spread it as much as I as broad as I wanted, to fit the door.

The final results were simply amazing. It was so easy making this, and the beauty of it all is I can remove the letters if I  want to convert the door again.

I'll be using this as part of my shabby chic wedding deco