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Only 3 sleeps to go... Coca-cola presents Tanzania

My friends and family always say I'm a black or white person. Like Grey never existed in my life.

I have never "failed" a job interview.
Yet I got divorced within a year of my first marriage.

I lost the only man who raised me as my dad, only to find my biological father whom by the way loves me to bits (he never knew I existed).

I had an amazing pregnancy ... followed by the traumatic Post natal depression.

That, in a nutshell is a story my life.
So when I screamed after receiving an invitation from Coca-cola to join them in Tanzania for 4 nights, my husband plainly said "Only you".  I know I travel a lot, but it's usually work and I can't take time for my photography. This time I plan on taking lots of photographs. Beautiful pictures which tell a story.

I look forward to learning more about their initiaves and projects.
To having intelligent life-changing conversations.
Can't wait to experience the culture of Tanzania
And I wont lie, I look forward to good food, wine, me time and relaxation.

Who says you can't have your Cake and eat it.