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DIY - Wooden Wedding signs

I just discovered a new love for wood. There is so much you can do with it. As you know, I live on pinterest so ideas just keep on flowing. With my Shabby Chic Wedding around the corner, I decided to make wooden signs for some deco.

1. I collected some wood pallets from work. Lucking there's plenty of wood I can use and guess what...It's for free. Sanding the wood. I made sure the wood is a bit smooth so I can be able to write on it.

2. Make sure to remove any nails to avoid injuries.

3. I used wood furnish to paint it dark brown. I wanted to experiment with different shades of wood, but I love mahogany the most.

I just had to put in a couple of pics with my little helper *love*

4. Left if to for a couple of days to dry off

 5. Chalk paint is my new favourite... I painted the pallet with blue chalk paint. To achieve the rusty look, I wiped out some parts with cloth to give it the vintage feel.

6. I will be transferring letters onto the wood with chalk, but for now, I found this cute wall decal at Mr Price Home at only R29,00 (It was on sale). I thought why not try it out. Next DIY post will include 'How to write on wood'.

This is what I love... This is my passion.

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