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Shine bright like a DIAMOND

Miss Flower Jackson is quite intelligent. I mean she was conceived by two engineers, honestly we can't expect any less. She's an over achiever. Year after year, she keeps achieving amazing results.
And so I naturally visualised her in the science field. Not necessarily engineering itself (I wouldn't advice any of kids to go that route), but something quite academic and nerdy.

Never did I think "The Arts" would take a front seat in her life. Yes she got her 1st acting part at an early age. She went for a TV ad casting for 6-8yr old age group, at the age of 4. And she immediately got the part. I should've known right. It should've clicked then that she was born with it.

She's now 9yrs old and had a leading role in her school musical. Hello, if this doesn't scream PERFORMER, nothing ever will. Honestly, I never explored her singing potential beyond the car sing-alongs and our showers. I can never tell when it comes to kids, or maybe I just dont have the heart to tell a child that she's not good. But I'm extremely greatful to her school for letting her shine. For seeing her potential and believing in her. I love how her confidence has shot up and the way she's putting herself out there.

I am growing as parent, better yet imperfecting my Perfectionist personality. It is totally out of character for me to embrace such a career. But when I saw her tiny self singing in a jam packed school hall, and the entire audience clapping, I cried. This is what parenting is all about. It can't more rewarding than this. SHE WAS HAPPY and that's all that mattered.

Dynamite comes in small packages

On stage, wardrobe malfunction

Cant get used to the perfomance make up... I can't

Best friends, same dance crew