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Coca-Cola BeOK

I am a huge fan of coca-cola and when I got invited to their Nutrition workshop I just couldn't wait to go. Yes, I know, coke and nutrition in one sentence sounds very much like an oxymoron. But, tell me of one company which tries to educate and offer an alternative lifestyle for you.

As much as I try to be a fitness fanatic (I run 25K per week), I really realised I don't have all the facts when it came to an overall healthy lifestyle. Like did you know that even if you workout like crazy, but sit for hours on end each day, you stand the same health risk as a person who doesn't work out at all? And are our kids getting exposed to enough excercise at school? Don't get me started about nutrition. 130 calories in a can coke, 217 calories for a mojito, 319 calories for 100g of chips, 373 in a slice of madeira cake... Do your math. The secret really lies in eating anything in moderation.

And if you are a coca-cola lover like me, then here's a couple of activities you can do daily to keep active.

Check out this cool video..

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be sharing with you a lot of coca cola initiatives to improving health, lifestyle, and community development.