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About the boy

If I had a rand for everytime someone said there's no way he's a boy, I would be Oprah. He is now 3years old. A big boy ( literally and figuritively) but will always be his mother's child. A little fashionista with buckets full of confidence.

He is his sisi's best friend. She, her brother's keeper. She cries each time he's hurt, protects him evey chance she gets. 

He completes the family, A complete square. Strange how someone's presence completely eliminates any memories prior to their conception.  He has taught me so much more about motherhood. Spontaneous, fun, crazy, loud. Sometimes I have a desire to sell him, but that's only for 1 minute a day.

He is his father's child. I have never witnessed any relatioship this tight, this profound and beautiful. Men who hug and kiss. They whisper "I love you" to each other every time they part ways. WHAT? I couldn't have asked for more.

He is so fierce and brave. The type that would grab a cat by its tail and show it flames. He is our only son, Superman Una.