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Ace Instant Porridge, my little helper

Being a working mom is not easy, NOT EASY AT ALL. An engineer from 9 to 5, who am I kidding really, sometimes its till 7 or 8pm. My career is extremely demanding. My schedule gets so tight that if I waste 2minutes chatting, I'm off for the entire day.

I learned very early on in life that I'm no Superwoman. I have my nanny who is a God send. The transport system which is very reliable for my kids. And Ace Instant Porridge. Lol, I sound like an ad I know. But honesty speaking, this instant porridge is the business.

The only time I get to bond with my kids is before or after work. So my morning routine involves making their breakfast, while brushing their hair, helping them brush their teeth - you get the drift.
So Tiger Brands offered an ideal solution to this parental dilemma with their new Ace Instant porridge.
Ace Instant Chocolate flavour is the ideal breakfast to serve in the morning and with this new chocolate variant, cereal lovers will be getting the energy needed to face their daily challenges. Moms now have an option of choosing from six Ace Instant porridge flavours: plain, vanilla, banana, toffee, caramel, strawberry and the latest addition of chocolate, putting the fun back into breakfast time while providing kids with more variety  the mornings.
Ace Instant Chocolate is easy to prepare - just add water or milk. Kids can even prepare it themselves on those days when time is of the essence. Moms can rest assured, knowing that with Ace Instant Porridge their kids are starting off their busy day with a full stomach.