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Now is the time for change...Now

Happy new year, and yes I'm still alive family.

So this year I'm focused on 3 things.
1.  Dropping atleast 7kg...10 would be my ideal goal.
2.  Putting myself out there in terms of PND.  I went through it for a reason and I just have to share.
3.  Spiritual Growth.

So where do I even begin?
The mind.
Saying it out lout and putting it out there into the Universe, letting go and letting God.

So every year I reward myself with an amazing christmas gift. For the past couple of years I have invested in Gavin Rajah Dresses because they make me feel so elegant and beautiful.  Royalty is the right explanation. So I purposefully got myself this gown to make sure that I'm in good shape when i wear it.  This is part of my visualisation technique, where i see myself toned and hot, on the red carpet.

I call the dress - The Goddess.  It's my motivator, my muse to drop that 10kg.

What are your plans for 2014?