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3yrs together...and I love him more.

I love this man.  I've loved him from the 1st time 2nd time I laid my eyes on him.  We got hooked up by our best friends, who by the way have been married for 5yrs now but have known each other forever. I think once you get to a certain age, you just wanna eliminate those ugly smelly frogs, the meaningless dates, the mentally challenged, the perverts, the cheapskates, the chancers, the dodgy, the insecure...ok its pretty clear I'm traumatised by past experiences.

Anyway, we got hooked up on the 31st December in Swaziland.  I was 28 at the time, bn through a hectic divorce at age 25, very much single and available and ready to get my groove on.  My friend chose my outfit, made sure I looked hottt and even did my make-up. One problem, this man was so shhhhyyyyy, and that's the same reason he made me weak on my knees, "Shy guy, my type of guy".....Had a couple of shooters and I was singing, "the boy is mine, the boy is mine, the boy is mine".   So I'm like calmer right, and now its flirting time.  You know, the hair flip, that pouting, the sexy Hiiii.  And all I got back was "Are you ok?". Whew....This is what I get for having a crush on a veeeerrryyyyy shy guy.  What now?.  So my girlfriend says 'give him your handbag cos you dont know where to put it'.  So we tried that, and all I got was "ok, I'll keep it safe for you". At that point I was giving up.  I guess it's not meant to be.... But every 10 min he'd ask me if I'm fine, would I care for a drink, am I not cold, and that was that.

Thank heavens for 12 midnight, the New Years hugs, because it's that same moment that got us glued together. Sounds like a corny fairytale I know, but the midnight kiss got me my prince.  A year later he moved to Joburg from Durban, another year later he proposed....And now we've been married for 3yrs.  It feels like yesterday.  For our anniversary, I thought I'd share our "How I met your dad" story and a couple of photo's from our vintage shoot.

Cindy (Van Geems Photography) made us laugh throughout the entire shoot...

 Main reason I love Cindy...perfection.  No airbrushing, yet I look like Halle's cousin, Lebo Berry.