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PIPI IN (i.e around, over, next to, under) THE POTTY

1. Buy tons of undies, and I'm not exaggerating here. Tons. Thanks to the woolies sale I got everything from Ben 10 to spiderman.

2. Apparently the child must choose their own potty. Now if your son is anything like mine, scrap that. Superman, like daddy, hates shopping. I mean he cares less about clothes, characters, books, basically anything that involves thinking. Talk food and cars, then you got his attention.

3. All those books along the lines "Super mom potty training in 3days".... Throw those into your nappy bin.

4. How the &*%$ am I supposed to time my baby's peeing routine. This boy pees after 5 min, then 20, then 2. See! no consistency therefore no sequence.


Amen. Need I say more

6. Nudity is allowed.  First day of potty training, I changed his spongebob undies literally every 30 min.  Lesson learned, let him walk around free willy after a couple of mistakes.  So set a limit to how many undies you'll be using per day.

7. Forget milestones.  I learned quickly that boys, unlike girls, take their time in doing everything.  The men in my house are teaching me all about Patience, to just go with the flow.  My son choses not to talk, but gets his point across. And hubs takes an average of 6months to change a light bulb.  See the similarities?

8.  Involve your older kids.  Miss Flower Jackson is soo girly and motherly, she's taken the task of teaching lil brother to "pipi in the potty" so seriously.  Reward system, a little song everytime he gets it right, lots of hugs and kisses... The bond is just growing.

9. Pray to God for strength.  It's a long hard process, but just think of the rewards.  By the time your child is 10yrs old, he/she will thank you for that. Plus you would have saved on loads of cash.

10.  If only potty training was this easy

When in retrospect it makes you feel like this

But if you could survive the puking, heartburn, stretch marks, sleepless nights....then you most definitely can do this.