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A real family vacation

I grew up in family where vacation was the norm.  My father was the president of Lions Club and the perks were one all-paid-for family Vacation per year.  And we also had our paid-from-our-own-pockets family vacation.   So call me a brat if you may, I'll just say I was super blessed.  And then my siblings and I started working, and we discovered how hard it is to save money, let alone go on holiday.  We got married, moved away from home, got divorced, had kids (not in that order, lol)....life happened.

So this year, in remembrance of my late father, I planned our first family vacation in 10yrs or something.  I chose a quiet isolated place in the bundus, away from the city hustle were we all became one with Mother Nature.  We hired the entire place which had 8 chalets, accommodating up to 30 people.  Huge, huge success.

 My brother

 My other brother and nephews

 My hunk

 If you look closely, you can spot the Springbok, 2nd one that black dot there is the Warthog

 I call this the Haunted house

 Can you see the ghost?

Boozing from morn till dawn, thats what a holiday is all about

And the kids had the most fun