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Pampers Premium Size 0 for Premature Babies

I was invited to the Pampers Premium Care size 0 launch yesterday.  The event was held at The Marion On Nicol in Hurlingham, literally  5min from my workplace.  Oh, what a warm reception.  After parking your car (parking area is a new plot that was bought next door), you are chauffered by staff to the main venue.  Upon arrival, I was met by the event co-ordinaters who besides providing me with my name tag, express their gratitude for my presence.  Can I just say at that moment I felt like the president Beyonce Carter-Knowles on the red carpet.  Ice tea and Canape`s where rotating at the foyer served by men in uniform, Yes, a double treat I know.

The launch was hosted by our very own mother of two, Mandy Manas.  The speakers included the baby guru, Sister Lillian.  Made specifically for the babies soft delicate skin, Pampers new range of nappies is exclusive to premature babies.  Being a mother of 2 premature babies, I wish these nappies were available when my babies were born.  Miss flower Jackson weighed 1.9kg, no prem clothes could fit her, let alone nappies.  They have a colour changing wetness indicator AND soft, stretchy sides and overlapping fasteners for flexible fit.  In South Africa, more than 1 out of 10 babies are born prematurely, that is a huge number. So these nappies in my opinion, need to hit the shelves stat.  

And now the gallery....

Who takes a pic of the bathroom??? Only me

 Just look at how luxurious their toilets are, and yes that me...

Stunning venue with piano playing

The facilitator 

Leanne Manas

The amazing Goodie bags...

Goodie bag contents, can't wait to use the scrub.