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How am I doing, you ask?

One word....Exhausted.

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly hard.  So hard that I was patiently waiting for a crash "mental health wise", but I survived, sane and on top of the world.

1st it was the nanny drama.  I now have a theory that helper's have a sell by date of 2yrs.  Problem is that I look young, and I'm black (obviously) which creates some sort of a respect issue.  I'm the chilled type of mom, very flexible, understanding, accepting.  I treat my nanny's like family, because honestly they are.  My nanny got me through the darkest days of Postnatal depression, she showed my son what love is when I was paralyzed from the fear of holding this little person.  She was there through and through.  And then she got a boyfriend, and another, and started requesting more time off, doing less around the house.....  But I still kept her and didn't complain.  Then someone must have promised her greener pastures because she packed everything when she went home for christmas  and told everyone (except me) that she's not coming back.  When reality sank in she decided to come back.   I told her that I can't trust her again, someday I'll find her gone and the kids left alone at home, I just had to let her go, my kids come first.

That being said, all this drama happened during the week I was due to return to work.  So I just had to extend my leave, find a new nanny, teach her the ropes, make sure the kiddies luv her (which by the way they do, so much).  Oh, We also changed Olu to the big boys bed. Got back to work and I was swamped, like so hectic that I'd forget to eat.

And then our handsome baby boy decided to grow up over night.  SLEEP REGRESSION, is what its called.  Its like a nightmare in Surbubia.  I was one of those parents who loved to brag about how my son slept right through since he was 3months, how he just uses his Leapfrog Scout and self soothes.  Word of advice: Don't ever brag about your child, they might just want to prove you wrong.

 Definition: Your sweet baby, who’s been sleeping peacefully at night for months, is suddenly waking multiple times each night and wailing loudly. Your little man, who’s been taking two nice long naps each day for ages, suddenly begins resisting nap time, refusing to lie down and go to sleep.  It got so bad I'd be sleep walking whilst soothing him, yes sleep walking people. Daddy and I have been on night shift for an entire 2 weeks.  But now it doesn't seem so bad, or maybe we are just getting used to it...regardless, we are alive and wouldn't change parenthood for the world.

So yeah, thats my long-short story...How have you been?

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