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My Christmas Pressie

Shhhhh, I'm just letting you in in a little secret, my husband doesn't know this....Guess what I got myself for Christmas...(more like what my husband got me but doesn't know it yet, and hopefully never).

A book? A cd? Shoes?  Nope.  Its a GAVIN RAJAH Cocktail dress People, G A V I N  R A J A R and I love it to bits.  See I'm on GR facebook group and when he announced his one day sample sale, I jumped at the opportunity.  I send him an e-mail the night before the sale, and literally begged him to save this red number for me.  If you know me, you'll know that there's little I won't do to get an outfit I love...very little. If you've seen the movie CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, that there is me.  Hi I'm Lebo and I'm a Shopaholic. 

Anywho, there were a couple of us fighting for this dress (Think the Glamour mag ad).  I was like if there's one thing my father has taught me, its that "You can get anything you set your mind to".  This dress was mine. So I stalked Gavin using all the tech communication I can think of, social network, e-mail, phonecalls.  I was a total nightmare.  But it was all worth it.  Introducing my dress..A GAVIN RAJAH creation....I call her RED.

Here's the dress that's being shipped from Cape Town to Jozi for yours truly

 On the runway

As you have noticed my bottom part is totally different from this one, mine is a see through and the original is not.  Mine also has those detailed diamantes on the bodice, which I loooovvvvveeeee. R800 for couture gown, heck I'd rob a bank if I had to.  This only happens once in a blue moon.

What did you get yourself for Christmas?