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Christmas - New beginnings

I come from a family that goes insane OVER THE TOP big on Christmas.  We are that typical family that meets on Christmas all cheery and singing , but by end of the night you'll have heard JOU MA SE IETS...a couple of times. Our tradition was to meet at my great grandma's house, Myself, 2 siblings, 8 of my cousins, 26 great grand-kids, my 2 aunts and their spouses, my mom, and anyone we pick from the streets who looks like they could do with a warm meal.

 This is the part I don't miss, having to buy gifts for everyone

 They are so many you can't even see the tree

 The great gran-kids

Look at how tiny they were

We cook, we laugh, we eat, drink, open pressies, dance, and eat some more.  We've gone from an indoor dining experience (U can imagine what a disaster that was) to an outdoors marquee with draping, formal table setting, fine dining buffet and lots of entertainment for the kids (jumping castle, inflatable pool).  Every year is a different theme, accompanied by its own unique menu.

I'm already teary because this Christmas I'll be at my in-laws in Durban, that's the compromise that comes with marriage.  Some of the hard things people don't talk about before the wedding.  Things that may change forever.  I decided that since I'm a grown up now, I will not sulk about this.  Instead I plan to recreate the Christmas I had growing up.  I want my kids to fall in love with Christmas like I did.  Decorating the tree, opening the presents on Christmas morning, singing, going to church.  I want to make beautiful memories, because memories stay with us forever.