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Slowly getting there - Halloween

3yrs ago we introduced halloween into our family traditions.  See I've always envied those American's celebrating halloween, I longed for 'Trick or Treat' and dressing up in a costume just for the fun of it.  In South Africa it's a fairly new concept, one I couldn't wait to be part of.  So I had planned to take the kiddos to 3 celebrations, 1 at Brightwater Commons, 1 at Johannesburg Zoo and the other at Pretoria Zoo.  Why the heck do I push myself so hard, I knew it was impossible but my mind told me it was. Needless to say, I only made it to one.  Pretoria zoo.

I missed the Johannesburg one because well, it was Baba Indaba Saturday....And I was with my sisi.  My sisi, the kids, husbands credit cards, baba Indaba, and the cherry on top....it was in Sandton City. No need to say more.

Didn't make it to Brightwater cos it was during the week, between bootcamp and homework, there was absolutely no time for it.

So I absolutely had to go to the Pretoria Zoo one.  It was slow, not scary enough, not dark enough, not spooky at all.  But I kept my promise and the kiddos were ecstatic. Plus they won the best dressed awards.  

 She was supposed to be zombi nurse...I was too lazy to put the make up on...#mommyfail

 The Entrance

Seeing this on a bright sunny day does absolutely nothing for me

 And the winners are.....drumroll......

 I couldn't resist

 Pls don't ask me which animal this is

I did some panning...google it if u dont know what it is :)


 A birdie

 Jelli, latest baby clothing label at Hyde Park...

  My niece and her nanny

 My sis and her beautiful princess

 And ofcos, gorgeous Superman


 Doing some Yoga

Signing out...

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