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Just a simple "Thank you" is enough

A while back my good friend Dr Andy, one of the authors for "Recognising Postnatal Depression" asked me to talk to a black mommy who had just given birth to triplets.  She was suffering from severe PND and she stays in Botswana, across the borders of South Africa.  I called her everyday, and prayed for her more than I prayed for myself...Why? Because I'd been there, and I had promised God that if he gets me through, I'd help others.  This is an e-mail I received on Friday.  I'm still in tears...

Hi Lebo

I have been thinking about you for some time now and no words can express my gratitude.
Angels come in so many forms and you are one to me. You held my hand at my roughest hour and gave me hope when I did not think I could survive the raging pain on depression.

I hung on to words that – it shall pass and it has. There are still some areas I am still working on but all in all there is so much sunshine in my life.

-       The babies are now ten months !!!! they are doing so well and have grown big…
-       My house is total chaos and yet I am having the time of my life. We have had to move ornaments and re arrange the house.
-       I have now re decorated the babies rooms and it is so bright and beautiful
-       Work is good and I am starting a diploma in January !!!
-       I have so many days filled with sunshine.
-       I have started to exercise…its something I have always enjoyed.
-       I cook …something I only started doing in late August and some thing I have always enjoyed
-       I sleep…..

I hope you and your family are doing well and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Be blessed in abundance !!!!


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