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Early Wordless Wednesday - Our photoshoot (Cilla Bloom)

So I was referred to Cilla Bloom by a couple of my new friends, Mel, Nicki, Anita, Tanya, to be precise (Yep, Its amazing that I made such a lot of friends at the late age of 32).  Anywho, as you all know I love photos, my house is filled with pictures.  I have used Natasha Whitely on many occasions, I've also used Tanya for my sons' christening.  So this time, I wanted something different and fun.  Photos through different eyes...and I love them. 

As mentioned before Daddy is a DJ, so he travels a lot.. so on this weekend he was hustling (As long as he brings the mula home, I'm a happy wife, lol).  It was just me, Miss Flower Jackson and Superman.