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To the coolest, strongest momma I've ever met

As I emerge from my PND experience, I'm becoming a more positive person.  I''m learning to appreciate, to seize the moment, compassion, patience.  One amazing thing that came out of my Postnatal Depression was meeting all these strong beautiful mothers who were fighting tooth and nail to stay alive, to beat this awful illness.  For some, pnd came and went, but sadly for others their life changed forever. 

One of them is my beautiful friend Addye who was diagnosed with Biopolar 2 after fighting a crippling Postnatal depression and Anxiety.  I saw her vlog last week, and I wept like a baby.  And this week has been super tough on her as she wonders if her illness caused her's sons developmental delay.  I decided to take a couple photos just for her.  Abstract colour macro photos because, 1.  She loves art, 2. She loves colour.  Addye my friend, I can't begin to imagine how hard this is for you.  This is my way of saying, we are here for you.