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I'm winning

This past week was tough, and I thought I was going to shatter into a million little pieces. 

Miss Flower Jackson had to have 4 teeth extracted.  I thought I was prepared for it, but I clearly was not.  When she woke up from theatre, she was hysterical, and what did I do?....I cried with her.  Thanks God daddy was there with us. 
And then.....Superman was teething (6 teeth at once) and he had a fever from hell + runny tummy + couldn't keep anything down.  So for 4 days I survived on 2 hour sleep per night, chocolate, coffee, more chocolate, pizza, and more chocolate....  But I made it.  Yes I had a bit of break down on Sunday, but I know its due to lack of sleep and coffee (coffee really brings me tons of anxiety).  With all that being said, I think I did pretty good as a momma, I'm quite chuffed about it.

I managed to turn a horrible weekend into something awesome....here's some evidence...