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To the lady sitting behind me...

My friend and I were in deep conversation after a movie and her friend was sitting behind us.  As I was sharing my PPD story, she leans foward and says, "You don't need meds you know, I've been through depression and I know, blah blah blah, something something, blah blah....

I was extremely offended because 1. She doesn't even know me ..and 2. Our situations are totally different.

I couldn't even let her finish, I just stood up and walked away..

So, this is a reply to 'The lady who was sitting behind me'

Until the day you have kids, please please don't tell me anything. 
Do you even know what labour pains feel like? 
Have you had to wake up every 2 hours to feed a human being? 
Have you had to stay up for 24hrs, trying to bring that fever down, scared to death that you might lose this precious gift? 
What about all the night trips to the ER, huh? 
The trantrums at the mall? 
When was the last time you went to the loo alone, cos I don't remember when I did?

Do you think I like taking meds?  Do you think I can control this anxiety on my own? I refuse to let my kids be raised by an anxious scared mommy, they deserve much more than that.  Motherhood my friend's friend, is not for the Sissies.  If you need to take a pill for your child, you will take a pill....hell I'd even jump into a lion's den if I have to. You will not make me feel weak or pathetic for my choice.  Until you've walked a mile in my shoes -and I pray hard that you don't ever have to - please keep your opinions to yourself....

Yours Sincerely
A mommy of two

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