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The Tooth fairy Saga

It all started when my daughter, Miss Flower Jackson turned 6.  Her 1st tooth fell out and I thought "Oh Wow, my angel is growing up".  I thought how cute would it be if I introduced that fantasy little figure into our family tradition....yep, the TOOTH FAIRY. Our only twist was putting the tooth in a shoe (my daughter is a light sleeper so under the pillow was never gonna work).

Boy do I regret even thinking about it. 
Nobody told me that your kid could loose 10 teeth in 6 months
That  she would be looking at this as a money making scheme
That she'd want you to bake cookies for the tooth fairy
better yet, in a shape of fairies....

Nobody metioned that she would want to stay up just to see the toothfairy
That she would hide the shoe with the tooth inside, just to try to trap the fairy
Hey it happened in Tinkerbell right, so she might as well try.

Last night as I tiptoed around her room trying to find the hidden shoe, I cursed at this stupid little fairy...
But instantly mind just took me back to the movie "The tooth fairy" ...and when you think of those abs, well, everything jut seems brighter.
So I've decided to redefine my toothfairy (since she's imaginery anyway) to make my job as mommy more bearable...I reckon every mommy deserve a bit of an escape from reality...Soooo

Out with the old

In with the new...

Next on my list is Santa Clause