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Bitter Sweet Moments

So superman spoke for the 1st time this weekend.  I'm not talking about the ramblings they make like "dadadadada", no, he really said a meaningful word.  Baba......(dad in zulu).....I was a tiny bit upset that he didn't start with "Mama"...but he's always been daddy's boy so that really was to be expected.  Wow, my boy is really growing...too fast if you ask me.

Lately I've been having a pity party.  Thinking of all that I missed out on because of PND.  I know I'm luckier than a lot of mom's, seeking help so early on, finally getting the right cocktail at only 4months. But I still feel sad, robbed of the wonderful bonding experience I was supposed to have.   I guess this is the other stage of recovery, and I do know it will pass.

On a brighter note: I'm not scared for my son anymore, not scared of cot death or him falling down the stairs, that someone would abduct or even hurt him.  I'm now enjoying motherhood without fear. 

PS> How he loves having deep conversations with his pal Scout....

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